Why ACM?

Sleek, modern, and visually striking, it’s not surprising that Aluminum Composite Material panel systems have become a mainstay of modern commercial architecture in Burnsville, Minnesota, and around the world. Because they have no exposed fasteners or extrusions, ACM panel systems have flat, uniform surfaces, creating the unique, streamlined appearance for which ACM is renowned industry-wide. ACM can be used to clad an entire structure or to highlight prominent building features such as canopies, facades, and entranceways. ACM panels make a powerful visual statement in any context.

Give Your Commercial Structures an Economical Facelift

ACM is not just for new construction, it’s also an ideal way to update existing commercial structures. Installation of ACM panels can serve as a much-needed—yet still economical—facelift for unattractive or outdated buildings. As one of the least intrusive ways to dramatically change the look and feel of a building’s exterior, opting to put ACM paneling over existing sound structures eliminates the need for demolition and the likelihood that significant business disruptions will occur during construction.

Highly Customizable Modern Construction Systems

In addition to the huge number of colors and finishes available from manufacturers, the structural adaptability of ACM panel systems gives any modern construction project a distinctive look and feel. While bright blocks of primary colors on an elementary school façade might portray a happy and energetic atmosphere of discovery, sleek metallic curves on a car dealership convey a sense of refinement and luxury. The incredible thing is that all of this and more can be done with ACM.

With the unique styles and color palettes available for ACM panel systems, business owners can reinforce branding, establish corporate identity, and ensure that customers will recognize their businesses even from afar. With a distinctive look, easy customization, and dependable functionality, ACM makes both a practical and attractive addition to any modern architecture and serves as the ideal choice for any building owner looking to stand out from the rest.

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