Why Sheet Metal?

Metal is classic; it’s modern and simple, straightforward … no frills. There’s a timeless quality to exterior sheet metal; a certain classic modernity that—when incorporated into a building via metal roofing or metal wall systems—supersedes fads. Because of its inherent strength and durability, sheet metal and the roofing and wall systems built with sheet metal, make for an attractive and sustainable solution for building owners who are looking to make a worthwhile long-term investment in protecting their property from the elements while maintaining a beautiful exterior.

Light-weight and fire resistant (and with many manufacturers offering water-tight warranties on their metal systems), the functional benefits of investing in a metal roof or wall system are clear. For instance, while a standard asphalt-shingle roof will need replacing every 15-20 years, a weather-tight metal roofing system can last for over 50 years. And with no exposed fasteners that might compromise the system, there is little or no replacement costs over the 50-plus year lifespan of a standing seam metal roofing system. In addition, most systems have a 20-plus year factory-finish warranty that promises color won’t fade, peel, crack, or chalk, ensuring that twenty years from now your building will look just as good as when the system was first installed.

Simple, adaptable, and easily customizable, metal roofing and wall systems can provide almost any kind look or functionality to meet customers’ needs. These might include any number of different standing seam profiles, metal Spanish tiles, metal shingles, batten roofs, insulated metal panels or corrugated metal panels, to name a few. Both the roofing and wall systems come with a variety of profiles to meet structural requirements while achieving the customer’s desired look/feel, with material available in a wide variety of colors, both standard and custom. Solar-reflective colors/finishes can also help save on energy costs, making metal roofing an energy-efficient and more eco-friendly building system. Metal roofing systems and metal wall systems are recyclable, and most products going into current systems today include a portion of recycled material.